"The Nachtwanderer" is the protagonist for a large part of my work. I appreciate the diligence of his simple walking, an incessant exploration that, over time, gnaws to the core of "what means what." I follow him to find that out for myself.

Please note that none of the photos are digitally manipulated. They are multiple exposures, 2 or more images shot on a single frame. We can't do this with most modern cameras, but I don't believe in worshiping the camera, old or new. I do believe in exploring its infinity, though, and, in the case of my camera, I appreciate the "live mixing" ability enduring from 1950, with the Brownie Hawkeye making its own case as a current tool, not a nostalgia piece.

Nachtwanderer (flâneur in flight) New York, NY 2008

New York, NY 2008 Soho, NYC, 2005 Queens, NYC 2004 Park Avenue, NYC 2010 NYC, 2007 New York, NY 2004   New York, NY (Nearing 23rd St) Soho, NYC 2011 Upper East Side, NYC 2010 NYC 2005